2, 3 and 4 year old age group


Welcome to the 2, 3 and 4 year age group!

The toddler (2-3 year age group), play alongside the older preschool children and free-flow play inside and outdoors throughout the day.

The activities that we provide are natural materials, loose parts and everyday items for open-ended experiences.  We use provocations that allows the children to explore and use their imagination, developing communication and language along the way.










In the home corner we use everyday utensils, crockery, fresh foods and other items that the children would experience at home.  This promotes a good understanding of respecting equipment and develops positive behaviour by sharing the equipment and handling items in the correct way.




We develop areas of interest throughout the year, focussing on child’s interests and other  special events such as seasons and festivals eg; harvest.


A variety of messy play activities  are available during your child’s session for them to experience malleable and craft materials.


Practitioners will support the learning and development, through our planning in the moment, by observing, engaging and supporting the children to achieve their goals.

Free choice of play is offered with a relaxed and fun atmosphere with the outdoors available freely throughout the day in all weathers. We go out into the community and visit the local park, library and have a good link with the local school.






Encouragement and praise is given on a continuous basis and communication development at this age is enhanced by singing, rhyming, phonics and group activities.